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Training Group

 FCA Half Marathon Training Group Details 

The Program 

Beginning Monday, August 12th and continuing through race day on November 2, our training group consists of: 

Long(er) Runs on Saturday mornings at various locations throughout Fort Smith. Long(er) runs will start at 7am 

Recovery Runs on Monday evenings at 6pm 

Fun Runs on Thursday evenings at 6pm 

Volunteer Coaches with lots of support, advice and encouragement 

WATER available at every run 

Weekly updates, educational information, special events, giveaways, and social events! 

Meeting locations for the week, as well as target distances (or times for walkers), will be posted in the Facebook group the preceding Friday. 


1. Are there any requirements to start training? 

A: If you are a runner or run/walker, we ask that you be able to run or run/walk for 3 miles at the start of the program. If you are a walker, we ask that you be able to walk for about 45 minutes continuously and around a 17 minute per mile (or faster) pace. 

2. Do I need to be able to run a certain pace to join the group? 

A: Absolutely not! This program is perfect for those who have never run a half marathon before and are just beginning their journey as long distance runners. This group has a no runner left behind philosophy, so no matter what your pace, there will be people running and walking right there with you! At the same time, there will be some faster people in the group. If you are new, don’t let that intimidate you! We are all beginners at some point. Running is for virtually everybody, and inclusion of ability is what this group is all about! 

3. Do I have to be a member of the FCA to join the group? 

A: Again, absolutely not! EVERYONE is welcome to join this training group! The FCA is a faith-based organization, and there will be a short prayer or devotional before each run. However, please know that each and every person is welcome and included in this training group. The running community is a diverse group of people and we are just as purposeful in coming together to celebrate our common goal of improving our lives through fitness. 

4. How long are the long runs? 

A: We will start around 4 miles and work our way up to 10-11 miles or about 2 hours for walkers. If you can get to 10-11 miles, you can make 13.1 on race day! 

5. What are recovery runs? 

A: On Mondays we will “recover” from Saturday’s long run by generally running, run/walking or walking at a gentle, easy conversational pace and get the blood flowing back into our legs. Although the Monday distance will increase over time, these runs are generally fairly short. 

6. What are Thursday fun runs? 

A: We will do something different and fun on Thursdays each week. Some weeks we may try some speed work, other weeks we may do some hills. We will do this in a way that is inclusive of all abilities and, if you are new to training plans, allows you to try something new in a fun environment! 

8. How do I join the training group? 

A: Request membership in the 2019 Facebook Group: This is where we will be posting all of the weekly runs, updates, and other important messages and information. Please note, we will not post this information on the public page, so please join the group even if you only want to attend a few of the runs. You are not required to come to all of the runs to be a member! 

9. What else can I expect from the training group? 

A: Each week, typically on Saturdays, we will have educational guest speakers, discounts, gift card and prize giveaways, monthly social gatherings, and much more! As always, the cost is free (though a couple of bucks chipped in for water would be appreciated!) But most importantly, you can expect friendship, fellowship, and fun. We recognize and celebrate personal records and running achievements, but we celebrate the friendships and bonds made while training towards our goals even more! 

2019 Training Group Waiver Form